I have largely given up PostCrossing. Mostly I find it difficult in terms of expense and also some health issues recently. I received this postcard from Marie in Canada. Sadly it does not scan well.

PC80 PC80a


A really interesting unwritten postcard of Toronto in Canada. It was sent by Facebook friend, David in New York. David really likes postcards published by Irish firm, John Hinde. Hinde which has a very unique colourful house-style produced a lot of postcards of places around the world. Nice to see this one.


Really happy to receive this card from my Facebook friend, Zulma in Argentina. And nice also to see the stamp of Admiral Guillermo Brown, one of the heroes of Argentine independence. William Brown was born in Foxford, County Mayo Ireland. He migrated as a boy to North America and he moved to Argentina. He died in 1857.

PC72 PC72a0002